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AMBROSIALAB is a full service partner and can offer a wide range of services and assistance including training and communication, aimed at helping the customer make the project a success.
Some of our activities:

·         development of new protocols, methodologies and specific hardware and software for cosmetic and dietary supplements; (ORAC, FRAP, DPPH, ecc);

·         development of clinical protocols for efficacy evaluation of dermo-cosmetic and dietary supplements;

·         development of novel functional ingredients for applications to the nutritional, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields;

·         reports and dossiers to register products at the Ministry of Public Health;

·         scientific assistance for press releases and communications about new products;

·         scientific documentation supporting new product advertising;

·         training for technical/marketing staff.

AMBROSIALAB consulting has become increasingly dynamic an diversified, and as a result, we continue to grow and expand our interests. We have the latest technological solutions, meeting all market requirements, and offer them at moderate cost.


AMBROSIALAB offers complete scientific assistance at any and all stages of a project, from the design stage to creating a prototype to marketing the final product. We provide staff training for scientific popularisation and customer service which includes selecting the appropriate ingredients, identifying the best technological processes with which to achieve it, running the necessary validation tests, selecting the appropriate packaging, providing the necessary data for marketing the product and producing advertising materials. In the end, the customer possesses all the know-how necessary to produce the finished product, having all the information regarding costs, technology, scale-up processes, and third-party producers, and thereby reducing turnaround times to market.

AMBROSIALAB can also produce a finished prototype of a cosmetic or natural food supplement so that it may be evaluated in terms of its efficacy and sales potential. This includes searching for the best ingredients, making
formulations, designing and running efficacy evaluation, identifying technological processes, creating a packaging proposal and supporting documentation, and helping to prepare the advertising material.

The AMBROSIALAB staff has acquired years of experience through working closely with several companies and research institutions. We are qualified to operate on any or all phases of a project, including those of a customer’s ongoing project.


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